2018 Audi A8 spied with light camo, lots of Prologue touches

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The next Audi A8 will debut in 2017 wearing design details cribbed from the slinky Prologue concept from 2014.Continue reading 2018 Audi A8 spied with light camo, lots of Prologue touches

2018 Audi A8 spied with light camo, lots of Prologue touches originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 13 May 2016 11:35:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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Audi CEO announces new electrified car each year starting in 2018

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Audi CEO Rupert Stadler dropped two big bombshells at the company’s Annual General Meeting.Continue reading Audi CEO announces new electrified car each year starting in 2018

Audi CEO announces new electrified car each year starting in 2018 originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 12 May 2016 13:15:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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8 Easy Ways To Remove Car Dents

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and get a hole in your car or truck. Even if you are as careful as possible, can not always explain shopping carts out of control, launched balloons without it, nothing of lampposts and other difficulties of real life.

However, you have your tooth or ding, the next step in your mind is undoubtedly the way out. Of course, you can take it to a body shop or mechanic friendly neighborhood for repair, but their price quotes can be surprising, especially if you want to remove the paint or caulk use. $ 200 for small tooth! I do not believe.

Instead, save some of that hard earned money and do it yourself. There are plenty of ways to get a small dent or ding of a home vehicle without ruining your paint, and need not be a reducer for.

However, not all of these tricks work in your particular car; Its mileage may vary, depending on exactly where the tooth is, and what its body panel, hood bumpers or is made of (aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, fiberglass, steel, etc.). For example, aluminum has small memory properties so that the paintless dent removal is much more difficult.

Method 1: Use a plunger

remove car dents

Not only can you unclog a drain with a plunger that can help small and medium denting your car as well. Just splash some water on both the piston and the tooth and start pushing and pulling until it comes out. Be sure to use a plunger cup (for sinks), and not a guide (for bathing).

Method 2: Use boiling water

remove car dents

Investing in an object is one of the easiest ways to get a tooth. So for bumpers of plastic, even if you try to take the bumper, it can still be difficult to push out the tooth due to rigid form is plastic. Solve this problem by boiling some water in a pan and throw the dent.

Once the water was poured out, get behind the bumper and try to put the tooth back. Thanks to heat water, the plastic should be somewhat more flexible, making it easy to put back in place.

Since the heat will not last long, you’ll have to work quickly. If the tooth does not enter, keep pouring boiling water over it until you are finished.

Method 3: Use a hair dryer and compressed air

remove car dents

Another popular method to remove car dents plastic material involves the use of two popular products for the home: a hair dryer and compressed air.

remove car dents

Start by heating the crushed car with the hair dryer at its highest temperature, the plastic will expand car. So it is warm enough, grab a can of compressed air, turn upside down and start spraying the same area. As the cold air will cause the plastic to shrink, the tooth will.

Method 4: Use of dry ice

remove car dents

It is mainly used as a cooling agent, dry ice can be used for small dents out of your car. While you are wearing protective gloves, keep a piece of dry ice in the collision and rub it around until your pop is heard tooth in place.

Apply dry ice as often as necessary to, but should leave, possibly, if the tooth is not too deep. You can also try to heat the first tooth, with something like a hair dryer (similar to the tip of a hair dryer and compressed air above), and after application of dry ice to it.

Method 5: Use a vacuum cleaner and pot

remove car dents

Sucking is a way out tooth, but the problem is finding a dent puller with the right amount of energy. Well, why not create your own? All you need is a pot (or cube), a vacuum cleaner and a little tape and you can get your tooth car in no time.

Just make a small hole in the pot, the pot with tape around the tooth, place the vacuum hose on the hole under the pot and turn on the vacuum. If the tooth is not superficial, suction created should leave the tooth.

Method 6: Using hot glue, bolts and screws

remove car dents

When you try to remove dings yourself, whenever you put the risk which can further damage your car if you do the worst dent or chip the paint. One way to try to make major dents in your car is using several wooden stakes, some screws and a hot glue gun.

Simply put two nails on each side of the pin and place the hot glue in the background. Place them in areas around the tooth, let them dry, and pull each one until the tooth is gone.

Insert and remove the same pins in many different locations around the tooth until most of it out. If you are going to try this method, make sure you have enough glue and a little patience.

Method 7: Use a metal rod length and demolition

remove car dents

When a dent in your car is, the metal is not only going inside, the edges around the tooth also go up, creating something like a small volcano. This means that the removal of the tooth below is not the way to go.

George Gjokaj a technical master Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), fixed dings to go to work on both sides of the tooth, using a combination of a long metal bar underneath it and fall (of wood or rubber) in cover with order to fully obtain the tooth car. And boy, it works.

Method 8: Use a tool Expertise

remove car dents

If you are not having any success with any of the above methods, you can also try the Pops-A-Dent Simoniz kit. You got mixed reviews, and can be a bit difficult to use, but it’s worth a try, since it is less than $ 30.

What better way to work for you?

Did you give any of these methods a try, or bite the bullet and you end up hiring a body shop to do the work for you? If you used a different DIY method for removing dents and dings in your vehicle, be sure to let us know below!

Common Car Complaints And How A Mechanic Can Fix Them

The cost of car repairs is often high. You will need to pay for car parts and a mechanic to provide service to your vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great if you could repair the car yourself, saving a lot of money? You will be able to after following the tips here.

Prior to letting a mechanic touch your vehicle, ensure that they are A.S.E certified. This certification lets you know that your mechanic has at least 2 years of experience and has passed a test. This is a good way of finding a qualified mechanic who will care about doing a good job so they can keep their certification.

Battery Charger

Get a good battery charger to keep in your vehicle. Batteries die all the time, but you won’t be in trouble if you can charge it. Learn to locate the points where you should connect the battery charger on your car.

Make sure that you have car records on file. You may want to have them in the glove compartment, so you can get to them easily if you need an emergency repair. Professional mechanics are going to ask for those records. They can help them diagnose the issue a lot quicker.

Before you take your car to the shop, always make an attempt to identify the problem yourself. You can save lots of money if you can diagnose the problem yourself. It also ensures that the mechanic won’t try to pull a fast one on you. Experience shows that mechanics sometimes falsely claim a problem exists and do an unnecessary repair, to increase their earnings.

Always be prepared for a flat tire by having a spare tire, jack and tire iron in your vehicle at all times. They are included with most new vehicles. Stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire is bad news. Stuck without a jack and spare tire is bad news and a big bill. It is a whole lot easier and cheaper if you do it yourself.

You can save yourself a great deal of money by repairing your burnt out head or tail lights yourself. Doing so is easier in some cars than others, but it is still cheaper than paying a mechanic to make the replacement. Speak with people that you’re familiar with if you know they’re good at repairs.

Windshield Wipers

Don’t forget about your windshield wipers. You need new windshield wipers if they are making noises or leaving streaks. In general, new wipers should be put on your car about every twelve months.

Before going with a particular shop, get auto repair feedback from your friends. Their thoughts can make the whole search a lot simpler. Even after getting a few names, though, do your research. Go online and see what else is being said about the shop.

You don’t need to visit a car dealer in order to get your car fixed. There are good mechanics all over that can fix your car. If you are more comfortable with one of them, by all means use them.

Almost all cars have to be fixed at some point. There are some repairs you can do yourself. Doing your own auto repairs is really not as hard as you might think and can save you a ton of money. Use the tips here to determine when you can fix your car yourself, or whether or not you should call a mechanic.

Buying A Car Soon? Try These Tips First!

Many people run into problems when they go car shopping. There are so many vehicles out there, it can be extremely overwhelming. It’s important to have good negotiating skills when buying a car. Continue reading the below article, and you can obtain the best car for you.

Before you visit a dealership, look at the car prices online. You shouldn’t visit the dealership until you know precisely which make and model you desire. Spend some time online comparing your options and learning about the most important safety features. These are vital things, yet the salesperson might not tell you about them outright.

Before you visit a dealership, know what you kind of vehicle you want. Look online to find what would work best for your personal situation. You should also note the price range of the vehicle you choose so that you’re not tricked by salespeople.

Don’t ever pay the full price for your car. This isn’t what the dealer thinks the car is worth. If you do not feel comfortable with your negotiating techniques, bring a friend with you who is. Know the amount you can reasonably spend, as well as the fair market value, prior to heading to the dealership.

Have some company escort you when shopping for a new car. It is important to have objective observers during the process. This person can be a friend, relative or spouse.

Have conversations with those you know about what they might know personally. How do they feel about their current vehicles? Are they regretting their vehicle purchase? What are they hearing in terms of cars they’d wish to have? This is a great way to get a lay of the land before you begin your car shopping.

Safety is an important feature you should look for in your new vehicle. Never purchase a vehicle that does not have an anti-lock brake system, or ABS. The more air bags the car has, the better. You are needing to use this vehicle a lot, so safety is important.

If you own a fairly expensive car, avoid driving that car to the dealership when you are car shopping. Doing so causes the dealer to think you have a lot of money.

Every month a salesman usually has a quota to reach. Use this fact to your advantage by shopping for a car toward the end of the month. If a salesman has yet to meet their desired quota, they may be extra-eager to close a particular purchase. Doing so gives you an advantage during negotiation.

Visit an auto show so you can more easily determine which types of vehicles would suit your needs. This is a great opportunity to look over many different cars in one place. You will also get the opportunity to talk to a lot of car experts all in the same place. You’ll know which models peak your interest, afterwards.

It might not be possible for you to get everything that you want in a car. The cars you can afford may not have all the features you would like, or you may just not be able to find the perfect car. Not opting for frivolous features will not impair your driving experience.

Never visit a dealership until you have a clear idea of how much you can pay. Your budget should include the total amount you will spend and the payment amount you can afford. By having this information along with the car’s market value, you will ensure a smooth buying experience.

You should now be knowledgeable about car shopping basics. There’s no reason to feel intimidated when you have these tips at your disposal. You’ll feel pretty smart when you drive your new car off the lot. Join in on the fun and get your car now!

Tried And True Auto Repair Tips For You

If you’ve ever had car trouble, you know how much of a hassle it is. It is not always easy to find an honest and reputable repairer. You are in luck, however, as this information will help you next time you need to find a great mechanic.

Keeping a battery charger in your car is a good safety investment. People commonly experience dead batteries, making battery chargers good for helping stranded drivers. Make sure you know how to connect the charger to your battery.

If you have issues with your car, you can fix it yourself. There are a few things that could be fixed very easily. If you’d like, you could always conduct some research online to see if you can determine the problem. It isn’t all that hard, and you can really save lots of money by repairing your car yourself.

Keep a record of every car repair. If your car has issues in the future, it is useful to be able to give your mechanic all such records. Your car problems may be harder to find and you may have higher repair costs without the records.

Consider using OEM parts. These are original parts direct from the manufacturer. Generic parts can be cheaper but OEM parts will last longer and usually come with a better warranty. It may seem like you are getting a deal now, but it may end up costing you a lot in the future.

Do not leave any items in your vehicle if you are taking it to be repaired. These items may need to be removed anyway, and they aren’t responsible for lost or missing items. You should also remove all the items from your trunk.

Keep a repair kit in the car at all times. You should have basic tools such as equipment to change a tire, fix a flat, add oil and a gallon of water. Get a lug wrench and jack if you do not have one yet. Also have a few tools like a socket set, both a regular and Phillips head screwdriver, a crescent wrench and a torque wrench. Cheap tools are not worth your money. If you buy high quality tools, they will not break when you really need them.

Ask friends for referrals. You may get some great recommendations from friends and family. However, make sure you still do your own investigations on anyone that they recommend. Use online resources to see feedback from others as well.

Inquire about labor rates and overall cost before handing your keys to the mechanic. If you have questions on the service, pose them immediately. Make sure that you know exactly how you are going to be billed. Some stops estimate repair times according to what the manufacturer suggests. A manufacturer may consider a relatively minor repair to be an all day job.

Always know when your oil should be switched out. Your oil must be changed regularly for you car to run properly. If you don’t change it, your car could stop working much earlier than expected.

No matter how onerous car repairs are to deal with, we still have to get them done. Use this information to help you make informed decisions and save money. Knowing the reputation of your chosen mechanics can help relieve some stress.

Advice To Follow When Shopping For A Car

Many people do not enjoy shopping for a car. It’s not only time consuming, but it also requires a lot of thought. Fortunately, this article is packed with advice to make the process much less painful. Keep reading to learn how.

Never buy a model that is out of your price range. Some salesmen can talk you into an expensive car you cannot afford. Remember that the salesperson is trying to make a fair commission, so selling expensive vehicles can help them.

You can save a lot by negotiating and asking for a price lower than what your salesperson first offers. You shouldn’t ever have to buy a car at its advertised price. They purposely inflate the value to dicker with you, and you need to remember this fact.

Do your homework before you go car shopping. You are sure to have more success in your negotiations if you already know how they typically do business. You can avoid being taken advantage of by reading over reviews from other customers.

Know what kind of truck or car you want before going to a lot. Research online to see what is best for your living and financial situation. You will also be able to find a car you can afford and not be swayed by a salesman.

Talk to friends and family about what they have heard. Do they like their cars? Would they purchase the same vehicle again? What information have they heard about different cars that are available? This gives you trustworthy information to go on.

When you look for a new car, take into consideration the fuel economy of the vehicle and the impact it will have on your budget. A powerful engine and the ability to tow heavy loads are impressive features, for example. But think about how often you truly require the additional horsepower provided by a V-8 engine and how frequently you will use the towing feature.

Do not limit your choices to just a dealership. You can go to smaller lots or buy from private owners and get some really good deals. Make good use of your local classifieds and social media sites that can help you narrow your search and possibly find the right car at a great price.

Most salesmen will have monthly goals or quotas to make. This system works to your advantage at the end of the month. Salespeople who have not yet made their quota will be more willing to negotiate in order to seal the deal. It will be easier to negotiate toward the end of the month.

Shop at month’s end. Many salesmen have to meet a quota at this time so they are much more likely to give you a better deal. At month’s end, sales staff who need to fulfill a quota may be more likely to give you a better price in order to sell a vehicle.

Have a firm price in your mind before you set foot in an auto dealership. The price should come from how much you feel comfortable paying, along with the general price of the vehicle that you’re considering buying.

Now that you’ve read the above article, now is the time to begin the car shopping process. Shopping for a car should not be stressful if you use the tips from this article. Continue to use this advice, and soon, you’ll have a car you love.

Tips And Tricks To Auto Repair From The Experts

You may feel overwhelmed when learning about car repairs, but you can control how hard it really is. Learning some valuable information on the subject really helps you in sticky situations. The following articles has a bunch of great advice that will help you do your own auto repairs.

Before you hand over your car to the shop, be sure you are clear about the repair costs. If something is unclear, have the mechanic or service counter rep clarify it for you before any work is done on the car. You want to avoid being surprised with additional charges once the car is fixed.

Ask a potential mechanic if they have experience with working on the exact kind of car you have. If the mechanic says they have, then they are likely aware of just what repairs need to performed in order to have your car operating well again.

Thoroughly review your car manual. When you have to get repairs done on your car, you are going to need to be knowledgeable about your car’s information. What you think may be an issue, may not be at all according to the manual.

Test out your car before paying for its repairs. Many people don’t take this crucial step and wind up plagued by the same issue that brought them to the shop in the first place.

Look for warning signs that repair mechanics may give off. Someone who gives vague answers to direct questions, or ignores them altogether, may not have the necessary knowledge to give you quality service. Since it is important to trust the person who is repairing your car, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere for a person to repair your vehicle.

Learn about your car so you can determine the problem in advance and save money. You will not be duped, and you can save tons of money when you find out the problem yourself. Unfortunately, some shops are less than honest when diagnosing issues.

Has your mechanic worked on your model of vehicle before? Though some basic components are similar, the way different models utilize space varies. If you cannot be sure, just take the car to a dealership.

Never go with the first estimate you receive. Although most repair shops can be trusted, you do not want to have to spend some more unnecessary repairs. Search for a reliable shops that is knowledgeable with your kind of car. You will get much better results if you go to a reliable auto shop.

Before you settle on a car repair business, talk to friends and family for recommendations. They can help point you in the right direction if so. But make sure that you still do your research on anyone they mention. At least try to find some online reviews on the shops that they recommend.

Ask for labor rates or prices before hiring a mechanic. Many shops display a list of their rates, so make sure you understand everything involved in their billing practices. Make sure that you know exactly how you are going to be billed. Repair times for some shops are determined by manufacturers. A lot of repairs that seem to be easy to fix could end up taking a whole day in some cases.

If you know the basics, there is no need to fear having car performance issues. You may even be able to do the repairs yourself and avoid the mechanic, saving you money. Keep these tips in mind whenever you experience car problems.

Great Tips To Use When Buying A Car

A lot of people think that purchasing a new car is a stressful experience. Though driving a new car is great fun, the choice to buy must be based on sound research. You should go over this article for some useful tips on car shopping that can make the process fun.

There are several things that you should have in mind before going car shopping. For example, you will need to know your budget. How many people are you going to be driving around? How important is gas mileage? Do you want a two-door car or a four-door car? Make some notes about the things you really want the car to have, and take the list along.

Search online for great offers. An Internet search is able to save you a lot of money. You have a couple choices. You can drive to the dealer to buy the car you find, or ask the dealer to buy the car for you. Going in person, however, is the cheapest route.

Arrange the financing for your automobile before you car shop. Credit unions and banks are good options. This will help obtain an interest rate you can agree with and a better understanding of your actual budget.

When buying a vehicle from a private seller, make sure a mechanic does an inspection first. If the owners prevent this, you may want to look elsewhere. This could be an indication that there are hidden dangers or maintenance problems with the vehicle. You don’t want to buy into these without knowing about them first.

Purchasing your next vehicle might prove a journey that stresses you out and confuses you. The truth is that you must be armed with knowledge so that you can make the best decision when you get to the car dealership. Always remember to educate yourself on the process of buying a car. You can start by reading the tips above, but go that extra mile if you want to learn more.

Get The Best Deal With These Top Car Shopping Tips

It can be scary yet fun to go to a car dealer. In order to have the best experience you should make sure to do your research. Read the following article for some excellent advice on how to make the best choice.

You need to know important information about the specific dealer before you give an offer. You can get a better deal if you are informed. Keep in mind that you can also protect yourself by reviewing previous customer reviews.

Don’t ever pay full price. No dealer truly expects you to pay exactly what they ask. If you don’t think you can properly negotiate, bring along someone who can. Make sure you research the car you are interested in first, however, so you have some idea of what to offer.

It will take a lot of time during your day to purchase a car. You should not purchase a vehicle if you feel rushed and do not have time to think about your decision. Allowing for an entire afternoon is best. If you have other obligations, plan on coming back the next day.

Make sure that a budget is in place when you are car shopping. Never exceed the maximum amount of this budget, regardless of what the car dealer says. You must make the payments on the vehicle, not the dealer.

The model you want needs to have the latest safety features. Anti-lock braking systems, or ABS, are a top priority. Air bags are also essential. This vehicle will be responsible for keeping you safe in case of an accident, so it is very important.

Car shopping is for many a blend of fun, stress and financial concern. However, you can prepare by educating yourself on the process so that you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind the tips you’ve just read, and you can be prepared to make the best possible decision.